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Operations Services


Our Operations Services provide your organization with unlimited resources to support your clients by taking responsibility for the proactive and remediation services that SAP Partners are committed to deliver in line with SAP® maintenance policy. >>

Implementation Services


We provide your organization with the means to extend your portfolio and offer your customers a comprehensive set of services to address key SAP® implementation tasks and/or operational improvements by increasing your technical capabilities or simply by augmenting your existing consulting staff. >>

Enablement Services


We work with you to help your current and potential customers discover and evaluate the best SAP® solution for their needs - a solution specific to their industry, aligned to best business practices and one that will deliver real value to their business. >>

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Online delivery is GLOBPAR’s standard method of performing SAP services and online fulfillment is our preferred way of doing business. This form of delivery, along with our service productization strategy, represents a highly available and virtually unlimited source of knowledge, also free of third-party recruiting and travel expenses. 



Services from GLOBPAR are only available for SAP Partners as a means to extend their own capabilities. Our offering is oriented to strengthen Partner’s service portfolio to better satisfy their customer’s critical and innovative requirements. By assuring the reliable execution of critical parts of their service engagements with GLOBPAR, SAP Partners can lower their risks and foster their business growth. 

Private Label


Our Private Label services are fully brandable solutions that allow SAP Channel and Service Partners to sell SAP high-value services under their existing brand. SAP Partners can expand their service portfolio and increase revenue by offering Private Label Services from GLOBPAR, while protecting their customer relationship under our strict confidentiality and privacy policies

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Standard Services


A standard service can be described as a broadly accepted way of performing a task, usually to address a common requirement. Standard services from GLOBPAR are designed to perform common but critical tasks at very low risk for SAP Partners and their customers. Based on proven practices and the knowledge of subject matter experts, Standard services from GLOBPAR, can be offered with quality guarantee, fixed price and predictable timeframe. 

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