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About Us

GLOBPAR is a provider of online outsourcing services for SAP® Partners. The company is oriented to offer innovative and flexible forms of delivery, as an alternative to traditionally on-site SAP consulting services. Focused primarily on the SAP Ecosystem, GLOBPAR arises as an independent and differentiated companion of SAP, providing a selection of private-label services to the SAP Partners, intended to increase its capabilities to better serve their own customers.


Knowledge is at the heart of our service offering. We aim to provide clearly defined scope and costs in order to support key SAP Partners organizational needs in each phase of the SAP solution lifecycle.


GLOBPAR is a powerful resource designed to significantly enhance and optimize SAP Partners’ capabilities without overloading their cost structures.


We are committed to becoming the partner that your business needs to evolve to the next level of performance, in terms both of service quality and operational excellence.



Our key objective is to provide each of our clients with a real competitive advantage:


  • A measurable impact on the SAP Partner’s service capabilities in short, medium and long term.


  • A reliable and affordable source of knowledge to develop new customer value.


  • Economies of scale for high leverage innovation without risking to sudden expansion in financial and human capital.


  • Opportunities to adopt world-class customer support practices more effectively and release your untapped business potential as an SAP Partner organization.


  • SAP solutions sales capabilities aligned with SAP customer engagement standards for key areas of the SAP portfolio.


  • Add-on consulting capacity conveniently packaged to enhance your SAP offering, protecting and extending your footprint within your client bases while helping them to capitalize on their SAP investment.


  • A virtual inventory of skills, shorter planning and response time at lower cost of mobility that will make agility one of your most remarkable strengths.

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