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Our Process

As in many other cases in the IT industry, the SAP®’s partner network is commonly referred to as the SAP Ecosystem, resembling a highly-cooperative and complexly-orchestrated community in the natural world. Regardless of the type, its members are expected to provide value to SAP end customers on either a collaborative or a competitive basis.


In addition to developing the best products, methodologies and tools to build enterprise software solutions, SAP® is capable of selling, implementing and supporting its own products. However, SAP makes the choice to play directly in every phase of the solution lifecycle for only few selected customers and prospects. For the rest of the market and especially for the Small and Midsize Companies segment, SAP® fully relies on the members of the ecosystem for the sale, delivery and support of SAP solutions.


The SAP VARs and Service Partners focus on selling SAP products and/or providing consulting and implementation services to build an enterprise software solution for end customers. Similarly, the Technology Partners provide the required technology products that either support or extend the capabilities of the SAP solution.


The following diagram depicts the flow of value to the end customer, as regards to each member of the SAP Ecosystem. Ever demanding efficiencies from both Vendor and Partners’ development budgets may pose a serious challenge on the throughput of the SAP software supply chain.





Based on experiences from the SAP® Ecosystem, a surprisingly large part of the consulting and support services offered in the SAP marketplace today can be delivered online; however, in practice this is far from being a reality.


Based on our business model, SAP Partners will be able to fill the gap in technical resources required for business growth by sourcing Enablement, Implementation and Operations services from Global Online Partners™, which otherwise, requires engaging directly with freelancers or eventual alliances with potential competitors.


Online delivery of private-label services is Global Online Partners’s standard method of rendering SAP services and online fulfillment is our preferred way of doing business. By making these options available to the SAP Partners for their own development or for resale to end customers, Global Online Partners™ will represent a convenient source of expert knowledge and proven practices to support the growth plans of the SAP Ecosystem.

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