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…the best known and most reliable independent source of knowledge for Information Technology providers worldwide.

Globpar's Mission


Our mission is to provide online Information Technology services for Value Added Resellers and IT Service Providers.


Focusing on private label standard solutions we offer companies a comprehensive set of enablement services in the areas of sales, implementation and product support, helping them increase their revenues and reduce their operating costs.

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Our Values

Our Values

Integrity and partnership


An essential part of the relationship with our clients relies on our non-competition and confidentiality policies. We fully honor the scope of each individual contract by adhering to the terms offered and by embracing your business interests as our own.

Knowledge and empathy


We go beyond the technical domain of products and services, with a unique insight into the realities confronted by our clients and the environment in which they operate. We strive to understand their perspective and to walk in their shoes to appropriately address their needs.

Quality within your grasp


We focus on offering the highest quality services at competitive prices by combining methods and tools with proven effectiveness and with intensive use of online resources.

Innovation and flexibility


GLOBPAR was conceived as a result of the search for a more flexible and efficient alternative to traditional on-site consulting services. Continuous innovation is our recipe to provide sustainable customer value and to become a source of a truly competitive advantage.

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