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SAP PCoE Technical Implementation


Global Online Partners® can help your organization develop and improve your support capabilities by providing empowering Operations Services in the areas of Certification Readiness, Technical Implementation and Managed Operations of your Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE), in compliance with SAP PartnerEdge policies.


Also, our private-label end-to-end Help Desk service seamlessly integrates a virtual support solution with your service portfolio, enabling you to provide implementation and managed services for your client's Customer Center of Expertise.


Our SAP PCoE Technical Implementation service is specially designed to help SAP VAR Partners build and setup a Support Infrastructure as a key requirement to opt for VAR-delivered support. With this service, SAP VAR Partners can secure the timely implementation of the physical applications, tools and systems necessary to get ready for PCoE certification.


To ensure the availability and proper functioning of your PCoE, the service focuses on:


  • Remote Connectivity (SAP Router)


  • Incident Management (Service Desk)


  • Maintenance Management (Maintenance Optimizer)


  • System Monitoring (SAP Early Watch)



When Should the Service Be Used?


The implementation of the SAP Solution Manager along with supporting technical infrastructure is required for SAP VAR Partners to become eligible for VAR-delivered support. Unfortunately, SAP Service Desk configuration for VAR support is not quite a common scenario even for seasoned SAP Solution Manager consultants. Whether you are planning to apply for VAR-delivered support or you are in the process to certification, our PCoE technical experts can help you get the job done without typical delays.


The PCoE Technical Implementation service by Global Online Partners® is the most feasible alternative for SAP VARs to achieve technical readiness for PCoE certification, quickly and without risks.

Quality Assurance


Service Scope


The PCoE Technical Implementation service includes the following major activities:


  • Technical Installation of SAP Solution Manager

Follows the installation procedure of SAP Solution Manager as described in the according SAP Installation Guide


  • SAP Router Installation and Test

Installation and configuration of the software components that provide a remote connection between the customer's network and SAP


  • Solution Manager Technical Update

Installation of relevant support packages or upgrade of the SAP Solution Manager to the minimum software release required by the SAP® PCoE Certification Program


  • SAP Solution Manager Basic Configuration

Configuration of all basic technical settings for SAP Solution Manager basic functions, including necessary connections to/from internal managed systems, as a preparation for further configuration


  • Configuration of essential Usage Scenarios for VARs

Activation of SAP Solution Manager scenarios relevant for a Service Provider organization and configuration of VAR-specific system settings according to the SAP Support guidelines


  • Configuration and connection of Client systems

Configuration of client-specific settings and systems data for one (01) connected client to enable the Service Desk for E2E support through Customer-VAR-SAP collaboration




By engaging GLOBPAR, you get access to high quality services that will help you:


  • Understand your channel partner specific responsibilities as a support provider.


  • Learn how to establish a successful end-to-end support engagement model.


  • Leverage roadmap for successful support setup.


  • Receive coaching to prepare for compliance of the certification checklist.


  • Be up-to-date about available enablement resources and know very early what you as a VAR need to do, implement or improve.


  • Leverage SAP PCoE Certificate for marketing campaigns.

Availability and Cost


The SAP PCoE Technical Implementation service is only available for SAP VAR Partners under the PCoE Support Certification Program. The service is rendered remotely by Global Online Partners® regional Service Center and it can be purchased separately at an attractive fixed price. Activities such as the planning, coaching and preparation for the PCoE Certification Audit are outside the scope of this service and are supplied as a Standard Service by Global Online Partners®.


The duration of the SAP PCoE Technical Implementation service ranges from 15 to 20 days, depending on the availability of VAR and Clients organization and system data. Please contact GLOBPAR Operations Services organization for current prices and conditions.




  • Contact GLOBPAR to make a service planning appointment.


  • GLOBPAR will need you to provide a contact person in your organization with the authority to answer questions and confirm dates and results.


  • Once a date has been agreed the service will be provided by the GLOBPAR team.        

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