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Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® Implementation


Global Online Partners™ can provide your organization with the ability to extend your capacity and offer customers a set of standard services to address key implementation tasks and/or operational improvements by increasing your technical capabilities or simply by augmenting your existing consulting staff.

Acting on your behalf, our online private label standard services will enhance your skills inventory, providing your customers with new possibilities to capitalize on their current installations and realize the benefits of their Red Hat® solutions.


The Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® Implementation service enables your organization to outsource all the work associated with the implementation of the Red Hat® products to service specialists from Global Online Partners™.

The Red Hat® consulting team from Global Online Partners™ will rapidly install, configure, and validate the implementation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for your client, by performing the following activities:

  • Checking on all technical prerequisites (such as hardware and software requirements)

  • Obtaining and preparing for Installation

  • Updating Drivers during Installation

  • Setting up the Installer, Language and Installation method

  • Performing the installation using the Graphical Installation Program Anaconda

  • the installation using the Graphical Installation Program


At the end of the project the SAP Partner receives a report that lists all the activities carried out during the Installation which can be used as a sign-off document for your final customer.


When Should the Service Be Used?

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Implementation service is usually performed as part of the IT infrastructure implementation phase, but can be attained during any phase of the system lifecycle. The service can help your organization if you would like to:ify that your customer:

  • Accelerate your business growth by extending your delivery capacity.

  • Refocus your limited resources from common implementation activities to delivering complex mission-critical services.

  • landscape and,

  • Obtain cost advantages from out-tasking frequent implementation tasks to a reliable business partner.


The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Implementation service typically require the following provisions:

  • Single point of contact from your organization with project management authority to ensure the timely delivery of information required for the service.

  • IT Staff knowledgeable about the client’s IT infrastructure and related requirements during Installation.

  • Red Hat Linux Enterprise Server boot and installation media.

Quality Assurance

Availability and Cost


The Implementation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is only available as a private label service for IT Service Providers. The service is rendered by Global Online Partners™ directly to end customers on behalf of your service organization.

The service is offered at an attractive fixed price and may be purchased separately or bundled in a Standard Solution. Additional activities outside the standard scope may be provided as a Standard Service when available, or on a time and materials basis.

The Implementation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux services are typically completed in 3 - 5 days, depending on the targeted products and architecture complexity. Global Online Partners™ will engage Red Hat Certified Consultants to perform the work and complete any necessary documentation.

Please contact Global Online Partners™ for current prices and conditions.




  • Contact Global Online Partners™ to make a service planning appointment.


  • Global Online Partners™ will need you to provide a contact person in your organization with the authority to answer questions and confirm dates and results.


  • Once a date has been agreed the service will be provided by the Global Online Partners™ team.        

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