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SAP Application Operations


Global Online Partners® can help your customers develop and improve their support capabilities by providing empowering Operations Services in the areas of Certification Readiness, Technical Implementation and Managed Operations of their SAP Center of Expertise (Customer CoE), in compliance with SAP® Standardized E2E Operations Processes.


Our private-label standard services seamlessly integrate with your service portfolio, enabling you to provide an end-to-end Operations & Continuous Improvement solution for your client’s SAP systems


The SAP Application Operations service is specially designed to take over the day-to-day technical operations of your customer’s SAP software while it remains within their data center or in a third-party hosting facility.


Leveraging its proficiency and experience in SAP technology, our Application Operations team monitors, maintains, and optimizes the operation of your customer’s SAP applications and the underlying technology infrastructure.


The SAP Application Operations service is part of the SAP Customer Operations Services portfolio from Global Online Partners®. In the form of expert guidance, execution and/or expertise on demand, this set of solutions provide the support needed to outsource the operation and management of your customer’s entire SAP application landscape - from technical administration to application support and enhancement.



When Should the Service Be Used?


The SAP Application Operations service from GLOBPAR can assist your customer if their organization:


  • Needs constant surveillance and maintenance of their SAP® solutions.


  • Needs to avoid increasing IT support staff’s workload.


  • Finds their skills can hardly keep pace with the changing demands of the SAP technology.


  • Wants to improve the availability of their SAP Solutions.


  • Expects to free up IT resources to focus on new solutions.


  • Considers technical operations support is critical to their business users


Service Scope


The SAP Application Operations service is fully configurable to your customer needs.  They can select from the following list of activities to be performed during the remote application operations service:


  • Operations of the SAP landscape.


  • Operations of the database for SAP Solutions.


  • System Monitoring.


  • Application Support Desk.


  • Improvement of software operations.


  • Service Management.


Quality Assurance



The benefits of the SAP Application Operations service for your customer include:


  • Reduced operational costs by leveraging economies of scale, regardless of the complexity of their SAP environment.


  • Greater Financial Predictability by fixed periodic costs and a committed level of service.


  • Increased breadth and depth of SAP technical knowledge by accessing the collective experience and intellectual capital of specialists from Global Online Partners®.


  • Increased focus on core business functions by freeing IT staff from routine operational tasks.


Availability and Cost


The SAP Application Operations service is only available as a private-label service for SAP Service Providers in Latin America.

The service is offered by GLOBPAR based on a subscription price model and a selected scope of service.


Occasional activities such as project implementation tasks outside the standard scope may be pooled in the SAP Application Operations service, provided as separate Standard Services (if available) or as expertise on demand.


Please contact GLOBPAR Operations Services organization for current prices and conditions.




  • Contact GLOBPAR to make a service planning appointment.


  • GLOBPAR will need you to provide a contact person in your organization with the authority to answer questions and confirm dates and results.


  • Once a date has been agreed the service will be provided by the GLOBPAR team.        

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