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SAP ERP Technical Upgrade


With the SAP ERP Technical Upgrade service, Global Online Partners™ enables your customer to immediately leverage the next SAP ERP software generation by protecting their existing SAP investment.


The SAP ERP Technical Upgrade is a service which follows a standard approach with a clearly defined fixed scope. This service has been created to reduce the upgrade costs and improve the efficiency in terms of reducing downtimes, project timelines leveraging the distributed delivery model.

The SAP ERP Technical Upgrade delivers a rapid, low-risk, fixed-cost approach to upgrading your SAP R/3 software to the SAP ERP application, with all the tools and resources required to effectively transition to the latest SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver platform.


When Should the Service Be Used?


The SAP ERP Technical Upgrade service is driven by these key business needs:


  • Align your customer's IT strategy with SAP's release and maintenance strategy.


  • Attain a better integration of their SAP NetWeaver platform that allows a more efficient solution management.


  • Deploy new SAP functionality and third-party products to take advantage of the latest technologies available in the IT market.


  • Achieve company specific targets to reduce total cost of ownership for the existing IT infrastructure


Service Scope


Global Online Partners™ will check with your customer the complexity of the service, using a technical upgrade questionnaire to gather preliminary data about the customer systems and specific requirements. Based on this information, the size for the technical upgrade can be determined and a corresponding quotation is sent to the SAP Partner.


The SAP ERP Technical Upgrade service includes the following phases and deliverables:


  • Project Initiation & Planning


- Project plan

- Pre-Upgrade activities


  • Realization


- Upgraded SAP systems

- SPDD/SPAU transactions executed (no adjustments are included)

- Post-Upgrade technical activities on system


  • Acceptance and Handover


- Documentation on SPDD/SPAU adjustments

- Upgrade results report



In addition to gaining the latest SAP ERP functionality, your customer obtains important benefits when you engage the Global Online Partners™ SAP ERP Technical Upgrade service, including:


  • Take the guesswork out of the cost-and-effort estimation process by using a standardized methodology to analyze your specific upgrade needs


  • By using SAP's standard methodology for upgrade projects, we ensure that your customer bases his project on a proven approach with low risk from the very beginning


  • Fast, efficient transition to the newest SAP software version that minimizes any downtime associated with the upgrade and results in a quicker return on investment

Availability and Cost


The SAP ERP Technical Upgrade service is only available as a private-label service for SAP Partners in Latin America. The service is rendered by Global Online Partners™' regional Service Center.


The SAP ERP Technical Upgrade service must be purchased separately. Global Online Partners™ offers the SAP ERP Technical Upgrade service at an attractive fixed price. Related services outside the standard scope may be supplied as a Standard Service when available or on a time and materials basis.


As per our experience database, the overall duration of the SAP ERP Technical Upgrade service is about six to ten weeks, depending on the Source release, the database size and required adjustments to SAP Standard objects. Please contact Global Online Partners™ Consulting Services organization for current prices and conditions.





  • Contact Global Online Partners™ to make a service planning appointment.


  • Global Online Partners™ will need you to provide a contact person in your organization with the authority to answer questions and confirm dates and results.


  • Once a date has been agreed the service will be provided by the Global Online Partners™ team.        

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