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SAP ERP Technical Configuration


With the SAP ERP Technical Configuration service, Global Online Partners™ enables your customers to optimize the technical administration of your SAP® applications and the underlying technology infrastructure.


In line with SAP's recommended practices and industry standards, the SAP ERP Technical Configuration service will allow to build an operational administration framework that is primed for SAP usage customization and continuous improvement. It covers the execution of critical NetWeaver setup and configuration tasks intended to optimize the SAP Environment to better support the host technology infrastructure. This includes activities such as system tuning, security functions configuration and enhancement package application, among others.


At the end of the project the SAP Partner receives a detailed report that lists all the activities carried out during the service and this can be used as a sign-off document for your final customer.


When Should the Service Be Used?


The SAP ERP Technical Configuration service is usually performed after installing SAP to configure installed NetWeaver functional units. Depending on your operational requirements, you might need to install and configure additional components. When you have finished this configuration, all required components should be ready to run and each component must be enabled to connect to others as required. There are, however, some remaining configuration tasks to further fine-tune your SAP NetWeaver system. These can be done at any point in the SAP Solution Lifecycle.


Service Scope


The SAP ERP Technical Configuration service includes the following activities:


  • The setting up of the SAP Transport Management System.


  • The configuration of SAP Operation Modes, Spool System and the CCMS.


  • The update of the SAP Kernel.


  • The first-run of basic Database Administration tasks, including the organization of database tables across disks and file systems.


  • The first-run of Back-up and Recovery tasks.


  • The first-run of basic security procedures for key user accounts.


  • The parameter setup and tuning of the SAP instances and the database for the best use of available hardware resources.


  • The technical implementation of Enhancement Packages.


Success Factors


  • Clearly defined project scope and reliable change management procedures.


  • Fast escalation and issue resolution procedures.


  • Sufficient technical system capacity.


  • Project team with suitable skill set.


  • Adherence to project standards and guidelines.


  • Clearly established roles and responsibilities, both internally and exter.

Availability and Cost


The SAP ERP Technical Configuration s is available as a private-label service for SAP Partners. The service is rendered by Global Online Partners' regional Service Center.


The SAP ERP Technical Configuration service must be purchased separately and is offered by Global Online Partners at an attractive fixed price. Related services outside the basic scope can be supplied as a Standard Service when available or on a time and materials basis.


Based on our experience the average duration of the SAP ERP Technical Configuration service is about ten to fifteen days, depending on the number of dialog instances and the hardware configuration. Please contact Global Online Partners Consulting Services organization for current prices and conditions.



  • Contact Global Online Partners™ to make a service planning appointment.


  • Global Online Partners™ will need you to provide a contact person in your organization with the authority to answer questions and confirm dates and results.


  • Once a date has been agreed the service will be provided by the Global Online Partners™ team.        

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