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SAP Outsourced Custom Development


Our SAP Outsourced Custom Development service is specially designed to help your clients build custom applications to address unique, often mission-critical, business requirements. Working with them, we create applications that deliver powerful solutions in a fast, low-risk way, empowering them to seize market opportunities and respond dynamically to new business challenges.


The solutions we develop integrate fully with their existing SAP® software. Our goal is to quickly provide them with the innovative applications they need, so they can stand out from their competition. You can be confident that your client's new custom solution will be developed with the same rigorous standards as the SAP standard software. Our custom solutions are built by a team of designers, architects, and developers who have extensive expertise in custom application development based on SAP software. With direct access to our broad network of developers, we are able to execute projects of all sizes that deliver immediate value.


When Should the Service Be Used?


If at any stage of the SAP software life cycle your customer is looking to:


  • Build custom solutions that touch the complex, critical aspects of their business — and they want to be sure those solutions tightly integrate with their existing SAP footprint.


  • Enhance or extend a current SAP solution or to develop something entirely new.


Our SAP Outsourced Custom Development service provides the expertise and guidance needed to get the job done.


Service Scope


The SAP Outsourced Custom Development service could be utilized in multiple ways including ABAP WRICEFP (Workflow, Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms and Portals), as well as add-on application integration.


The scope and breadth of the SAP Outsourced Custom Development service range from critical fixes all the way to full, comprehensive enhancement development. We can provide project management throughout all or part of the development life cycle – from conception to completion, with ongoing maintenance. Or, if you have opted to develop the solution yourself, we can provide you with specialists to enhance your own development team. These specialists are equipped to help you through the various stages of your development project – from planning and strategizing your solution to assessing its quality and risks.



By engaging Global Online Partners™, you ensure high-quality custom-developed solutions that:


  • Address your unique business requirements.


  • Leverage the knowledge of many years of development experience.


  • Ensure quality and speed of delivery by providing solutions within the framework of the SAP software development methodology.


  • Mitigate business risk by synchronizing custom solutions with the SAP product road map and release strategy.


  • Increase the return on your existing SAP investment by leveraging your existing hardware, software, and IT staff.


  • Protect your investment by offering long-term maintenance options

Availability and Cost


The SAP Outsourced Custom Development service is available as a private-label service for SAP Channel and Service Partners. The service is rendered by Global Online Partners™ regional Service Center.


The SAP Outsourced Custom Development service must be purchased separately and is offered at convenient daily rates. Upon availability, the service may be supplied as a packaged service for specific functionality, at a an attractive fixed price.


Based on our experience the duration of the SAP Outsourced Custom Development service depends on the amount and complexity of the programming work as well as on the customer's time requirements. Please contact Global Online Partners™ Consulting Services organization for current prices and conditions.



  • Contact Global Online Partners™ to make a service planning appointment.


  • Global Online Partners™ will need you to provide a contact person in your organization with the authority to answer questions and confirm dates and results.


  • Once a date has been agreed the service will be provided by the Global Online Partners™ team.        

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