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SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Upgrade


The service SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Upgrade from Global Online Partners™ is a rapid, risk-free, low-cost approach to upgrading the SAP Solution Manager system, with all the tools and resources required to effectively transition to the latest 7.2 release. The service is specially designed to help organizations successfully update their SAP IT Service and Application Management platform, while preserving the operativity of implemented business processes in compliance with SAP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) standards.

The service SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Upgrade includes an assessment of current usage scenarios with regards to both the functional and technical changes introduced with the new release. During this step, our consultants will help the customer decide the most convenient upgrade path, whether it is to upgrade their current SAP Solution Manager of just perform a new installation of the 7.2 release


​​​When Should the Service Be Used?

The SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Upgrade service is driven by these key operational needs:

  • Access to tools, content, best practices, and methodologies to support customer's transition to SAP S/4HANA.

  • IT Service and Application management capabilities to support Cloud or Hybrid solutions.

  • Align SAP Solution Manager with SAP's release and maintenance strategy.

  • Deploy SAP Solution Manager on SAP HANA.

  • Comply with or maintain SAP Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE) certification status.

Service Scope

Global Online Partners™ will ensure that all steps that need to be performed before and during the actual upgrade are planned out and completed as part of the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Upgrade service. The upgrade process takes full advantage of SAP best practices and tools such as the Software Update Manager (SUM), delivered as part of the Software Logistics Toolset (SL Toolset).

The SAP Solution Manager 7.2 upgrade process consists of four steps:

  • Technical preparation of SAP Solution Manager 7.1.

  • Execution of the content activation pre-upgrade procedure for the functional side of SAP Solution Manager.

  • The actual upgrade and splitting of the dual stacks.

  • Technical post-upgrade activities and the post-upgrade content activation procedure.

Quality Assurance

Availability and Cost


The SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Upgrade is available as a private label service for SAP Partners and Service Providers at a convenient fixed price. The duration of the service ranges from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on implemented functions and the number of managed systems.  For current prices and conditions or to learn more about the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Upgrade, please contact Global Online Partners™ at




  • Contact Global Online Partners™ to make a service planning appointment.


  • Global Online Partners™ will need you to provide a contact person in your organization with the authority to answer questions and confirm dates and results.


  • Once a date has been agreed the service will be provided by the Global Online Partners™ team.        

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