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SAP Support Managed Service


The SAP Support Managed Service is specially designed to provide the expertise, processes, methods and tools to effectively undertake all important tasks and roles in your Partner Support organization, enabling your company to successfully perform as a primary support provider for the SAP® Software.


The SAP Support Managed Service is part of the Operations Services portfolio from Global Online Partners®. In the form of expert guidance, execution and/or expertise on demand, this category of solutions provide the support needed to operate and maintain your customer’s entire SAP application landscape - from technical administration to application support and enhancement.


When Should the Service Be Used?


The SAP Support Managed Service from Global Online Partners® can help your organization if you would like to:


  • Improve your support capabilities in strict compliance with SAP maintenance policies.


  • Help your customers adopt SAP End-to-End Solution Operations standards to improve the availability of their SAP solutions.


  • Keep your support expenses and level of service predictable and guaranteed.


  • Leverage SAP Support offerings as one of your key differentiator in the marketplace.

Service Scope


During the SAP Support Managed Service, GLOBPAR will:


  • Become the primary source for the provision of SAP support services in relation to all inquiries from your customers.


  • Execute the Incident Management process, covering the acceptance, translation, documentation, classification, assignment, follow-up, and report of customer incidents.


  • Fulfill all First and Second Level Support duties in accordance to the Service Level required by the SAP Software maintenance Agreement.


  • Shall use SAP Solution Manager Enterprise Edition, licensed to the VAR Partner, to provide First, Second, and Third (SAP) Level Support, as well as the scheduling and delivery coordination of remote services (SAP technical Quality Checks).


  • Shall simulate and analyze problems for the Software Release under the Maintenance Agreement, by leveraging SAP Solution Manager functionalities and a suitable test environment, provided by the VAR Partner.




The benefits of the SAP Support Managed Service for yours and your customer organization include:


  • Support standards enable you to efficiently implement and operate high quality SAP solutions for your customers.


  • Customers’ business will be protected proactively and backed up by SAP, where necessary.


  • Advanced remote services (SAP TQC) which help to reduce your customers’ technical risk and outline optimization potential.


  • SAP Solution Manager operated as a true application lifecycle management platform to uncover key integrated content, tools, and methodologies.

Availability and Cost


The SAP Support Managed Service is only available as a private-label service for SAP Service Providers in Latin America. The service is offered by GLOBPAR based on a subscription price model and a selected scope of service. Tasks outside the standard scope may be integrated in the solution, provided as separate Standard Services (if available) or as expertise on demand.


For current prices and conditions or to learn more about the SAP Support Managed Service, please contact GLOBPAR.



  • Contact GLOBPAR to make a service planning appointment.


  • GLOBPAR will need you to provide a contact person in your organization with the authority to answer questions and confirm dates and results.


  • Once a date has been agreed the service will be provided by the GLOBPAR team.        

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