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The ServiceNow Connector | The SAP® ChaRM Solution for ServiceNow®



Nowadays, IT Service Management (ITSM) runs through all aspects of the business, enabling enterprises to remain competitive and compliant amid continuous change. However, selecting a single technology platform that fulfills all ITSM requirements from different business units is quite challenging.


Although SAP® is the leading provider of enterprise software solutions, featuring the latest innovations and a stable environment, ServiceNow® is the number one ITSM platform in the market. In order to take advantage of the best of both worlds, a standard integration solution for ServiceNow and the SAP landscape is now available from Global Online Partners®.


The ServiceNow Connector is a cloud-based integration service designed to help SAP and ServiceNow customers achieve seamless interoperability between the two environments. The ServiceNow Connector can be set up to support two common integration scenarios, depending on whether or not the SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) is used for Change Request Management (ChaRM). In the USER Mode, the relevant information is replicated between SAP SolMan and ServiceNow, allowing users to manage the SAP landscape from either platform. In the KERNEL Mode, the Connector will allow for the integration of the central ServiceNow platform directly with the Change & Transport System (CTS) of the SAP Landscape.

SAPSNOW - User Mode.png
SAPSNOW - Kernel Mode.png

When Should the Service Be Used?

The ServiceNow Connector can help IT organizations in the following cases:

  • The customer uses or plans to use the SAP Solution Manager for SAP Application Management and ServiceNow as the enterprise ITSM platform.

  • ServiceNow is intended for governance and change management across the SAP landscape, and there is a need to fill the gap between the process and technical layers.

  • Need to interact with the SAP Transport Management System directly from the ServiceNow user interface for specific operations such as creating, releasing, and importing Transport Requests.

Service Scope

Depending on whether the SAP SolMan is part of the process, the ServiceNow Connector will be set up to support one of the following use cases:

   USER Mode:

  • Requirements backlog can be registered in ServiceNow.


  • For specific categories of Change Requests, Change Documents (CD) will be automatically created in SAP SolMan.


  • Change Management process controlled from ServiceNow.


  • Development/configuration activities may be performed in SAP SolMan (ChaRM).

   KERNEL Mode:

  • ServiceNow may be used to manage the SAP landscape.


  • Transport Requests information is available in ServiceNow


  • Automation of custom code checks.


  • Controlling development and testing process from ServiceNow.


  • Agile development in SAP powered by ServiceNow.

Based on the specific client requirements, a development team from Global Online Partners® will follow a simple implementation process, as shown below:

SAPSNOW Implementation Process.png



The key benefits of the ServiceNow Connector are:


  • Integration scenarios enable all users to work in a single ITSM environment without duplicated efforts.

  • The service eliminates the complexity of custom-developed integration.

  • Decrease the risk of functionality disruption due to eventual upgrades of each environment.

  • Each department may keep its own user interface, eliminating the need for additional training.

  • Standardized end-to-end change management process for the whole IT landscape.

Availability and Cost


The ServiceNow Connector is available from SAP Partners and Service Providers. The service is rendered by Global Online Partners® directly to end customers on behalf of the service provider.


For current prices and conditions or to learn more about the ServiceNow Connector, please get in touch with Global Online Partners® at



  • Contact Global Online Partners® to schedule a service planning session.


  • Global Online Partners® will need you to provide a contact person in your organization with the authority to answer questions and confirm dates and results.


  • Once the requirements and service scope have been confirmed, a proposal will be provided by Global Online Partners®.       

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